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Amsterdam, July 2011

With contemporary perfection and craftsmanship produces Bod'or doors and door solutions for the higher market segment ranging from lush to tight with a wealth of panels, profile, glass rings and latches and hinges. In Amsterdam – Oostzaan is a presentation space for Bod'or realized in a special way displaying the entire assortment of doors and door solutions. M + R designed a special presentation space for the doors by elevated round disks. Specially crafted steel frames ensure the construction of the door presentation and lighting. Also within the industrial space is a box in box construction realized. The Interior serves as presentation annex discuss space, the bezel is the basis for various door presentations. The industrial character is emphasized by the polished concrete floor and the lighting system. Materialization of objects consists of ecologically sustainable materials like OSB plate material, recycled wooden floor parts, recycled rubber and untreated steel.

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