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Eindhoven, October 2009

Office outfitter Desque found accommodation in the ‘Klokgebouw’ in the ‘Strijp-S’ area in Eindhoven. This imposing, industrial listed building formerly housed the Philips factory. The main inspiration during the refurbishment was based on the transformation from production area to home base for a creative design and interior decorating company. The new interior blends naturally into the industrial environment. M+R decided on clean lines and sustainable materials. The striking concrete structure was bared and kept in view. The prominent entrance consists of a large empty space with a sculptural stairway. The stairs lead to an area specially designed for meetings, relaxing and consultations, which in turn seamlessly merges into an elevation, from where you have a splendid view of the furniture and design products in the Desque range. In this almost unspoilt industrial environment these products definitely come into their own.

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