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Kappers Salon Maks

Eindhoven, September 2004

M+R refurbished the new accommodation or the ROC Hair Care training centre in the centre of Eindhoven. It was transformed into a sober, modern area with a prominent place for the commercially run hair salon, which is on the street side of the building. In the centre of the salon there is a round element made up of storage and consultation areas. At the rear of the building are the practical training and theory rooms. A semi-transparent wall made of a double layer of transparent corrugated sheeting divides the practical training area from the salon. In between the corrugated sheeting high-frequency strip light fittings have been fitted with red, blue and green light. A simple control system is used to produce a play of light, that especially at night, creates a special atmosphere and attracts a lot of attention. The entire area is covered by a floor made of a white synthetic resin, incorporating the image of locks of hair.

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