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OBOOI! lingerie shop

Eindhoven, May 2011

O BOOI! Let’s talk lingerie!

However O BOOI! is meant to be an online shop, M+R developed a pilot store to support this concept. This shop ensures that women can fit the lingerie comfortably before they proceed to purchase. The emphasis is on a spacious attractive shopping environment and well exposed, spacious fitting rooms, in short; a shop that fits for women. The Interior is predominantly in the color white, the color accents are made by the products it selves. The architectural walls are camouflaged by ' spaghetti ' curtains equipped with soft indirect lighting. On these walls, the products are presented. For the visual interruption of the walls are existing old cabinets mounted and painted in white and rose.
Showcase torsos are mounted to the ceiling and can easily be moved in height by means of pantographs. The logo O BOOI! is visualized with the two round fitting rooms made of glossy pink sheet. The cashier unit is also a bar and manufactured from ‘barn ‘wood. So is the Interior largely made from reused materials and mostly realized by both owners themselves.

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