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Holland Casino Groningen

Groningen, December 2006

Holland Casino is located in the city centre of Groningen and was designed by the architect Bonnema in 1991. M+R was commissioned to design the new interior, extensions and routing. Bonnema built a monumental stairway to the casino’s gaming room on the first floor. Because the stairway had been placed opposite the entrance and the exit, the ground floor had become rather isolated. To solve this problem M+R designed a new stairway. In the current situation visitors pass the entrance into a new, additional gaming room on the ground floor, from where they can reach the upper floors. The steps and the landings at the top and the bottom of the steel stairway use RGB LED lighting, which transforms the stairway into a theatrical light object. To the rear, the casino was expanded with additional catering facilities and balconies; doubling the net floor area.

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