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DRU Fabriek - Library

Ulft, October 2009

The DRU complex in Ulft, the former iron foundry and metalworks, has been given the status of industrial heritage site. The seven monumental factory premises are being restored and prepared for new inhabitants. Since 2009 the so-called ‘Portiersgebouw’ (lodge) has housed a great many cultural organisations. M+R redesigned the entire interior of this enormous building. The concept for the changes was based on a modern, clean and bright interior to contrast with the rough, industrial surroundings. The colours of the separate pieces of furniture were inspired by the colours of the enamel pots and pans that DRU was so famous for. The fixed interior elements are all in black and white. The consignment included a theatre, popular music area, library, music school, council chambers/ conference rooms, gallery, Grand Cafe with kitchen and the reception hall
with desk and reading room. Additional meeting rooms, office gardens, a lounge area and general facility areas were included.

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