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Van Nu Library

Roosendaal, January 2004

Since 1850. The VANnU Library is housed in the former Emile van Loon house (which later became the town hall) in Roosendaal, in an extension that dates back to the seventies. The refurbishment by M+R included a radical redevelopment. Various functions such as an art house cinema, a number of retail units, an Internet cafe with a terrace, a crèche and the central information desk have been arranged around a large central square. The children’s library can be found in the Emile van Loon house and is accessible from a specially designed walkway on the first floor. The new main entrance was moved to the side of the adjacent park. The facades along the park are made entirely out of glass. This has opened up the park, which was previously hidden behind the building. A new staircase and a new facade were also part of the refurbishment.

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