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Breda, July 2015

The BDO Accountancy developed in cooperation with M+R Interior architecture, after a successful redevelopment with a directly followed renovation in Eindhoven, based on the requi-rements of the branch, the interior design at the Breda loca-tion. The concept and the interior design rely on the demands for transferring the company’s requirements and the necessi-ties of the Corporate Identity into the design of the interior. 
The spatial concept of the office premises comprises a central entrance with a spacious reception area and open workspaces in combination with a large desk. The design 
of the guest area also intended a restaurant with attached working zones. The combined area, equipped with a pantry, a wardrobe and digital presentation options, offers space for meetings. The conference rooms which are divided into separate units with a lifted floor are combined as cubes and serve as solitaires which zone the public area and the working areas. 
The working concept provides for the fact that the emplo-yees have the possibility to work at all times and locations. To fulfil nevertheless all the different requirements on the work-space, quiet zones for concentrated work, conference rooms for meetings and customer advisory services, a room for brainstorming sessions with an inspiring effect and the option to work from home were designed.
 In response to the growing demand for innovative working environments, the flexible spatial concept makes in conside-ration of the detached areas for spontaneous staff meetings interdisciplinary meetings of the various departements pos-sible. The choice of material for the refinishing of the interior supports a productive working atmosphere, joins the pleasant design of a living and working environment to a resource-saving energy consumption and fulfils in this way the demand for lastingness in long-living constructions. 
The goal was to increase the labor productivity with the help of a socially responsible and in terms of structural engi-neering high-grade environment. The early involvement of the interior designers demonstrated that a sustainable working environment can make a profit from the synergy of all plan-ning  authorities from the very beginning. Not only through the choice of material but also through the interplay of social aspects sustainable and innovative worlds of work can be created.

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