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BDO Eindhoven ICT

Eindhoven, November 2010

Since 2005 the central ICT service for the Dutch BDO organisation is located in Eindhoven. While the BDO Eindhoven and Helmond division are combined there was a need for extra office space. BDO found these extra square meters in a nearby located office building. The time and location independent work principle at BDO has been quite common, the consultants are often available to client based on their own. The ICT-activities support this service by increasing development and innovation ‘online’. For this part of the organization BDO commissioned M+R to create an innovative working environment with a variety of flexible workplaces, brainstorming and consultation rooms. In this space, the various functions such as the helpdesk (international), meeting rooms and silence areas are separated by glass walls. In this way the acoustic quality is assured and the whole area remains transparent. Sound-absorbing surfaces are included in the ceiling and cupboard doors, through walls and felt wall hangings.

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