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March 2010

After the successful conversion and refurbishment of the BDO site in Eindhoven, M+R was commissioned to revamp their eight other locations. A plan for each location was developed based on the demands and requirements of the relevant site, using BDO’s corporate identity as a guideline. M+R was commissioned to create the concept, the design and to supervise the entire construction process. All designs generally include a central entrance + reception and a visitor’s area, meeting rooms, a pub where meals are served and meeting areas with facilities for coffee and printing. M+R designed an innovative working concept for the different sites. The basic idea is that BDO employees must be able to work at any time at any place.The working environments meet the various requirements: a quiet zone for concentrated work, a meeting room for consultations, an inspiring room for brainstorming, and facilities for working at home. This flexible layout allows for unscheduled meetings to take place and forms of (interdisciplinary) collaboration.


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