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Dirkzwager lawyers and notaries

Arnhem, November 2012

In front of the Office at the Velperweg in Arnhem is a second Office realized for Dirkzwager lawyers & notaries. The place where formerly hotel Bordelaise was located. The Interior concept is based on 'sharing knowledge'. Because it is important that there is a commitment between the two offices, the library of Dirkzwager is intentionally based in the new building. The design of the new office is bright and transparent with clear lines, carefully detailed. The color orange from the corporate identity of Dirkzwager was adopted this in combination with white colors and teak wood matching the architecture of the building. The openness is created by making use of glass such as glass walls and sliding doors for the office spaces. The separation walls are also cabinets. In the building there are flexible working spaces, meeting rooms and places where digital information can be queried. On the ground floor is the library reception desk and a coffee bar, the visitor can choose to sit in a special readings chair or take a seat at the bar or the big reading table. The whole design of the building is focused on the concept of ' knowledge sharing ' experience in a pleasant way for both the employees and the visitors.

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