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NRE Group

Eindhoven, May 2005

NRE Energie is a supplier of energy for Eindhoven and surrounding areas. The NRE head office is situated directly along the Eindhovens Canal. Reason for this large-scale refurbishment by M+R was the demolition of the staff restaurant elsewhere on the industrial estate. On the ground floor of the head office a new facilities floor had been completed, with a staff restaurant containing all kitchen facilities, a conference centre and a public area. The refurbishment included stripping the entire floor, followed by a completely new layout. The kitchen facilities, storage and cloakrooms are centrally located. At the rear of the building is the conference centre with flexible meeting areas. The restaurant lies on the canal side of the building. A suspended mezzanine provides an additional sitting area. The main entrance to the building gives access to the public area with the reception and intake desks. Outside stairs lead to the lower-lying industrial site.

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