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April 2012

COVERED │ new and durable office system

Customization and flexibility combined with durability. It’s possible!
Office system ‘COVERED’ gives a new impulse to office layout program: sustainable and cost-effective and yet with all possibilities to adjust your office into current requirements and wishes.
Organizations and companies go to conscious with renewal of their old furniture ever. That was the reason to design a new agency program: flexible and multiform, with sustainability as a starting point. Essence of ‘COVERED’ is the sheet. The old desktop-with-cheeks is so constructed that it is removable in its entirety. The same frame can therefore be equipped with different covers. The cover sheets are available in a wide variety of performances. This allows each space and even every workplace to have its own charisma. And if the existing image no longer conforms it can easily be replaced by a new implementation sheet without the need to buy a whole new office system. That is durable and flexible.

Of course ‘COVERED’ meets all requirements of contemporary use:

- fully height adjustable desk programme;
- great variety of configurations possible;
- equipped with extended cable management;
- manufacture PEFC and FSC-certified; 100% recyclable.

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