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Town Hall Roosendaal

Roosendaal, January 2005

The Town Hall in Roosendaal is a listed building. During a large-scale renovation, carried out by M+R, the outside shell of the building was largely left intact, with the exception of a carefully constructed (emergency) exit and access ramp at the rear of the building. The interior of the building was given a more radical overhaul. The stairs were fitted with a smoke-free shell and a new lift was built. The vaulted hall was restored and a cloakroom added; the modern central heating was kept out of sight behind the organically shaped wall benches. In the council chamber the original plaster ceilings and covings were completely restored. Two pillars from 1974 were removed to enhance the view of the council meeting. The roof structure is now supported by a steel girder, carefully concealed by the wall. A new layout for the council chambers was created by removing the pillars, thus doubling the capacity of the public gallery, among other things.

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