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Municipality of Hollands Kroon

Anna Paulowna, January 2012

The municipality Hollands Kroon was established on 1 January 2012 at the merger of the municipalities of Wieringen, Wieringermeer, Anna Paulowna and Niedorp. For housing of the municipal sectors a new location was found in the old Council house in Anna Paulowna. The old Council house wasn’t in use since the realization of the new multifunctional accommodation that offers lodging to a "Community School" with gym, the municipality office and the library. M + R was accounted for the revitalization of the building and the design of the flexible work environment that is suitable for activity related work. The diversity as well as the livelihood of the colorful commune come from; Air (wind energy), land (agriculture and flower bulb cultivation) and water (fishing). This is translated into a diverse palette of floor tiles. The furnishings, walls and ceilings are decorated in the color white. A special (energy efficient) lighting concept with ' up and down ' lighting is developed by M + R.

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