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Theatre De Leest

Waalwijk, September 2010

Conversion and refurbishment of the entrance, lobby and theatre.

In 1996, the doors of the theater opened for the first time to visitors. Now 14 years later, the theater has become a complete makeover. The entrance has a large revolving door so the entrance space in the lobby could be added to the foyer. The box office and retail space and cloakroom has been converted into a brasserie with a large open bar. The theater cafe has now been given a combined function and is also used as ticket counter. The entire foyer features a new resin floor and the ‘fuchsia’ colour is adjusted in black, white and gold; this colour scheme is also implemented in the theatre. The shoe shapes have served as a basic concept for the design of the bars appearance and have a leather finish. Through indirect lighting the shapes are accentuated. The cloakroom facility in the small theater space is realized as a box within a box concept with a flexible use as unguarded or guarded cloakroom.

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