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Innovative working environments

M+R interior architecture has extensive experience in the field of developing and designing innovative working environments. The first innovative working environment was realized by us in 2005 for Aramis Wonen in Roosendaal.

Innovative work
Innovative working in the Netherlands is a development that started a few years ago, on the one hand time and place independent working has become possible due to the increasing quality and possibilities of communication tools. Thanks to the worldwide web and e-mail, the world is within reach 24 hours a day. On the other hand, this development is the result of the limitation of mobility due to traffic jams and overloading of public transport capacity; increasing travel costs and burden on the environment (CO2) and increasing housing costs. The efficient use of our mobility and housing requirements leads to new forms of cooperation and requires more flexibility;

What an innovative work concept can mean for people and organization
The most important thing for a smooth transition to other ways of working is that support is created within the organization. M+R interior architecture helps to accept an innovative working environment by taking on a communicative role and using our experiences, knowledge and creativity. We know how an innovative interior design contributes to a strong and healthy corporate culture and thus to the success of the organization.

How can an innovative working environment contribute to the desired corporate culture where people want to work and also be inspired to bring out the best in themselves? How can an innovative interior design stimulate someone in his or her development? How do you build structures that optimally facilitate the work process, well-being and productivity? The tailor-made solutions for these tasks, in the form of innovative interior designs or advice, are what M+R specializes in.

Healthy and innovative working environment
The reasons for developing an innovative working environment for a company can vary. The advantages can be, for example, that people start working better together and a higher employee satisfaction can be achieved by, among other things, offering the right use of space. A deliberately designed interior can help employees feel more connected to the organization and can promote interaction and knowledge sharing. Subsequently, the possibility of working independently of place and time can also be sustainable and cost-saving. An innovative working environment is the right step for many organizations to reach their strategic goals. Need, support and vision are a requirement when implementing an innovative work concept. At M+R interior architecture we therefore not only design interiors, but we also think about how we can support an organization in the growth process. Where the implementation of an innovative work concept is an important means for the development of employees.

The identity of both the organization and the individual are reflected in our interior design concept. Together with the client, this is developed in the design phase, by jointly determining the DNA of the company. Letting go of your own workplace or room requires a different interpretation of the identity aspect. It is important that employees always feel connected to their company - especially if the organization is going to facilitate working elsewhere (at home). Seducing employees with an attractive, inspiring work environment or meeting place is essential.

Customization and support
M+R interior architecture knows that a ready-made housing concept 'one size fits all' does not exist. Every situation and solution requires customization and is therefore unique. In addition, corporate culture, work processes and ambition play an important role within the physical work environment. Innovative work environments are more than just an attractive office environment with its own identity, it ensures that the work process is optimally facilitated. An innovative working environment only functions if it is workable for everyone within the organization. Starting point for us is a good work process analysis, in which the ways of working, the needs of the different employees and the organization are mapped. Understanding and support is a common thread throughout the process for developing the right work concept. With workshops, interviews and visiting reference projects, among other things, we clearly map the ambitions and wishes of the organization before starting the design. We always design together with the users, through co-creation sessions, thus creating the 'designing dialogue' and broad support within the entire organization. M+R interior architecture has developed specific proven tools for this.

People and work process are central
For M+R interior architects, people are always central. In our vision, an office environment is comfortable and inspiring. In our vision, innovative working environments are finding the right balance between open & transparent and private & secure for employees and visitors. The communication between employees can deepen and improve productivity by creating the right mix of dynamic, more active zones such as (together) workplaces and quieter zones, such as lounges or concentration rooms. M+R interior architecture designs the appropriate experience, atmosphere and functionality to meet the resulting need and diversity of work environments. Our innovative work environments contribute to higher employee satisfaction.

Sustainable starts with researching the possibilities of reusing products and materials. The choice of new materials and installations is assessed on various aspects of sustainability such as: production technology, material compositions, application of local materials and products as well as the possibility of reuse in the future. For us, sustainable also means a timeless design, with a clear relationship between building and use. A working environment must be both comfortable and inviting. It optimally supports employees in their well-being and personal development.