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Sustainable design and construction

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill

Healthy green offices, sustainable construction, from cradle to cradle are concepts that are in the spotlight. Attention to these themes is increasing and the frameworks for projects are partly defined in terms of sustainability.

The starting point for sustainable building is the design of a good living and working environment with neutral energy consumption, whereby finite sources are not used or only used as little as possible.

In addition to the positive effect on nature, the environment and the environment, especially the installation concept and the choice of materials have an influence on the indoor environment in offices. Research shows that improving the indoor environment can lead to an increase in labor productivity of 5-10%.

M+R interior architecture strives for a socially responsible qualitative and sustainable design, and has extensive expertise in the field of making buildings sustainable (Breeam; Leed; C2C; the Natural Step; biobased).

In our projects we make maximum use of sustainable solutions and investigate the possibilities of further innovating buildings and facilities.

M+R is working on various sustainable construction projects. We are developing a Breeam outstanding innovative office building for Hoogvliet and for the Province House Zeeland we have transformed a monumental building into an innovative working environment, sustainable and biobased. We incorporate this knowledge and experience into new developments.