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Team M+R interior architecture

Where our volatile consumer society is all about buying things and going with the latest trends, M+R interior architecture advocates sustainable interiors that still have the wow factor after twenty years. Fleeting designs that you quickly become bored with are not for us.

M+R interior architecture creates interiors for public spaces such as theaters, airports, libraries and innovative work environments. Some of these date back to the time when M+R was first established, now twenty years ago. Quality and sustainability are recurring themes in all our designs. We use high-quality, durable materials that we deploy in a circular manner. We want to prevent the client from becoming restless after just a few years and wanting to change. Volatility should never be the basis. The office projects we design should still feel like home after years. Important factors here are atmosphere, climate, acoustics and ergonomics.

Inside and outside: one story
When our team starts a new project, we talk to as many future 'users' as possible. Before we make a design, we like to hear all the wishes, requirements and information from both stakeholders and users. What does the environment look like in which they feel most at home? This, together with the environment, forms the basis for the design. We have extensive experience with characteristic, often monumental buildings. We always start with the relationship with the building and the environment. An interior must fit with and respond to the exterior. Inside and outside should tell one story.

Sustainable architecture
The common thread in all M+R designs is that we want to be distinctive. With the ultimate goal of an iconic and sustainable end result that offers convenience and comfort and feels "natural" from the very beginning. We have achieved our goal when people take the time to dwell on a project. Only when you take something in properly do you learn to appreciate it. And when a building or an interior is locked in people's hearts, they will not want to replace it any time soon.

M+R Team