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Matryoshka LoungeĀ 

Client: Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow | April 2016

Assignment: concept and design business lounge international airport

Thanks to the success, the international attention and appreciation for the special design of the Privium ClubLounge at Schiphol, our office regularly receives requests from abroad.

In 2015 we were approached with the request to participate in an international design competition for a Lounge at Sheremetyevo International Airport. For this lounge, M+R used the famous souvenir of Russia as a metaphor for the space concept.

Matryoshkas have been produced in Russia since about 1890. The furniture maker Wassili Petrovich Swjosdokkin and the painter Sergei Wassiljewich Maljutinde were the first to make matryoshkas in Russia, possibly commissioned by industrial designer Savva Mamontov. The idea is probably derived from traditional Japanese lucky dolls. They were intended as children's toys. Mamontov's wife showed the dolls at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris. They received a bronze medal. This was the start of the Matryoshka's popularity.

The design of the lounge is divided into an entrance and catering area, with an extensive buffet with different seating areas and a lounge with comfortable chairs and work places. Part of this lounge is facilitated with toilets and showers. Sheremetyevo Airport won the 'business traveler award' in 2017 for the best Russian airport and the best Business Lounge.

In the meantime, M+R has won two prestigious lounges in the competition, a business and a VIP lounge, these lounges were delivered in June 2018.