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Privium ClubLounge | Schiphol Airport

Client: Privium, Schiphol Airport | Amsterdam, November 2008

Assignment: Design and concept for the Privium ClubLounge

Best design bar ARTE Television

The Privium ClubLounge at Schiphol is a new concept that focuses on the frequent flyer: the traveler who regularly flies and has specific needs and desires with regard to a stay at the airport. An important factor in the design was the reduction of stress, among other things by creating a lively environment. M+R has completely organically designed the space with flowing lines and curves that extend into walls and ceilings. There are different types of seating areas, each with its own atmosphere. There is a corner with armchairs and a fireplace, and elsewhere there is a bar on an elevation. There is also a reading table and you can go to computers there. The outside world is brought in by daylight simulation and large TV screens.