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Privium Temporary Airside Lounge | Schiphol Airport

Client : Privium Temporary Airside Lounge Schiphol Amsterdam, October 2017

Assignment: Design for a temporary Lounge on airside

The success with the Privium ClubLounge (opened November 2008) at Schiphol airport has partly led to an explosive rise in Privium membership. More members are asking for more capacity, which is why Privium has recently opened a temporary Lounge on airside to meet the increasing demand. M+R was responsible for the design, the basis for this is the concept of the ClubLounge where the visitor is central 'on stage' with elevated seating areas such as small islands with comfortable seats. Color and use of materials are sustainable and calm with natural hues. The walls are equipped with images of the sea and beach in the Netherlands, which increases the horizon. From the quiet sitting and working areas, the visitor has a view of the surroundings and can, while enjoying extensive catering, spend the waiting time until departure in a pleasant way, Privium writes:

As a Privium Plus member you are the king in the Privium lounges at Schiphol. The Privium ClubLounge and the new, provisional Privium Airside Lounge are an oasis of peace. Where you can work comfortably and undisturbed or relax extensively. Use the super-fast Wi-Fi connection, immerse yourself in the (inter) national newspapers or enjoy a drink and the extensive buffet: it is all free of charge for you.

After security, the Privium Airside Lounge is located on Holland Boulevard at the E-pier. The entrance is behind Dutch Bar & Kitchen. Visiting this lounge is especially interesting if you are flying to a non-Schengen destination. When you fly to a Schengen destination, the current ClubLounge is more convenient for you.