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Constructivism rebornĀ 

Client: Sheremetyevo VIP | Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow, June 2018

Assignment : Concept and design for the Business Lounge in the new terminal B | Domestic Flights

Surface: 2,500 m2

The concept of the architect for this terminal is the constructivism movement. Constructivism was an artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia in 1913 by Vladimir Tatlin. This was a rejection of the idea of autonomous art. He wanted to 'construct' art. This movement with famous artists such as Vladimir Tatlin and Kazimir Severinovich Malevich has influenced the whole world.

Constructivism was the start of a completely new period, in which architecture was created on the basis of steel and concrete. Steel, in combination with the development of lifts, allowed the architects to create higher buildings. The design of the lounge is inspired by constructivism; M+R used the beautifully designed union domes as eye-catchers in the lounge, to create different areas in the lounge as a certain type of zoning. "The round domes allowed us to create a comfortable space with different zones for a total capacity of 460 seats."

The seating area has various types of seating for dining; to work; comfort and relaxation. The union dome is an example of the first constructive development and has played an important role in architecture. The placement of the seats is such that each seat has its own space, subtle, comfortable but spacious.