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VIP Lounging

Client: Sheremetyevo VIP - Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow | June 2018

Assignment: Design for the VIP Lounge in the new Terminal B | Domestic Flights

Surface: 1,600 m2

The VIP lounge with departure and arrival service is a lounge that is suitable for all comfortable aspects. The design is pure hospitality, a high level of service in a luxurious and attractive environment. To create this, we used the 4 elements of nature as the basis of design and materials: earth; air, water and fire: the diversity of Russian nature.

The walls are made of wood and represent the naturally formed mountains and caves. These walls 'float through the Lounge' and separate the service (Staff) area from the visitor area. An open and inviting entrance with a beautiful reception, formed from white Russian marble, a back wall of dark, natural wood with subtle integrated LED lighting lines and indirect lighting, gives a warm welcome feeling as a first-class international lobby of the hotel.

The central seating area by the glass facade is equipped with high-quality floor covering on a raised floor, beautiful and comfortable leather seats. Each chair has its own digital device where visitors can influence the lighting and temperature and can order drinks and meals, there are USB and power connections everything that makes your stay comfortable, unforgettable. In the middle of the lounge, M+R has designed an eye-catching lighting fixture made from specially made glass elements. Close by there is a living room with a large fireplace. The corridor to the rest, relaxation and meeting rooms is located in the natural wall of wood and glass. The facade of the meeting room is made with glass partitions, resembles a Hugh ice sculpture.