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Community center Het Klavier

Client: Community center Het Klavier | Kaatsheuvel, November 2015

Assignment: Shaping the community center Het Klavier.

“Noord Brabant has around 400 community centers. They are located in villages and towns and are of great social importance for the quality of life of a community. No community house is the same. They come in all shapes and sizes; not only offer relaxation, but are also meeting places, cultural temples or training institutions. "

The challenge for our office was how we can shape the house of the municipality of Loon op Zand. For each assignment we first look for the identity of the users; the municipalities and their residents or what is the DNA of the municipality of Loon op Zand. Together with the users, we have made a cartoon of this identity through collages. What clearly emerged is the history of the municipalities of Kaatsheuvel, de Moer and Loon op Zand, mainly known for the crafts such as the shoes and mats makers. And of course the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, the Efteling originated from this artisan history, first as a Sports and Walking Park and in 1949 the De Schoen Exhibition was organized here. Now Efteling is one of the largest and most authoritative amusement parks in the world. Outside the Efteling, the municipality of Loon op zand is known for its beautiful nature reserve De Loonse and Drunense Duinen. These are the defining elements that have been the basis for the design of the interior of the community center.

Upon entering the building this is immediately visible in the choice of floor tiles, in a light sand color of the Loonse and Drunense Duinen, the floor is the connection to all the functions that the building houses, the municipality, the cultural institutions, the library, brasserie etc. A beautiful sofa of more than 17 meters has been made in different leathers and several natural colors, with beautiful stitching. She depicts the craft and nature that Loon op Zand is known for, the length symbolizes the connection and the road to the future, almost infinite ... It is important for the users that the building radiates openness, is easily accessible and that everyone can find their way easily.

We have opted for a specific wall that is made up of wooden slats, this wall is the connection between the ground floor and the floors with the many public functions. This slatted wall also camouflages the many functionalities that the building needs on the ground floor, such as the wardrobes for the theater hall. The wooden wall finds its apotheosis in the Raadzaal where she gives the artwork from the 'old' town hall a new decor; Houtintarsia from 1968 by artist Marius de Leeuw: The creative hand of God. After all, there is no present and future without a past.

The Raadzaal is a multifunctional room, not only for Council and Committee meetings, it is a wonderful room to get married but also for presentations, lectures, etc. The three cores that together form the municipality of Loon op Zand are symbolized by the three round light fixtures on the ceiling. The meeting arrangement is in a round shape, so that every place is the same. For the finishing of the inner ring we opted for upholstered sofas on a specially designed rug. One can have a different meeting here, but more importantly the family members can sit around the couple at the wedding ceremony, embracing them as if they were the bridal couple.

Together with the employees we have opted for activity-related work, there are different types of workplaces suitable for collaboration, consultation and also for concentrated work. Everyone can work anywhere, anytime in a working environment that is considered most suitable. There is a large living room with benches, where you can have a coffee, chat with colleagues or eat an apple. The color scheme and material use with natural colors connect seamlessly with the public spaces.

A lunch / dinner café has been designed for lunch, the space can be used throughout the day, and outside of lunchtime people can easily hold a meeting here.

This space is located next to the Raadzaal and by opening the large paneled wall one can involve the large meeting room for receptions and presentations. For example, the building with the Council Room and these spaces can be used multifunctionally, in addition to several smaller and medium-sized meeting rooms that the building has.

The interior has a timeless, open, natural and peaceful appearance and offers space for meeting, relaxing, developing, working, culture, art, dance and so much more.