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Innovative working environment

M + R interior architecture has extensive experience in the field of developing and designing innovative working environments. The first innovative working environment was realized in 2005 for Aramis Wonen in Roosendaal.


innovative work
Innovative working in the Netherlands is a development that started a few years ago, on the one hand time and place independent working has become possible due to the increasing quality and possibilities of communication tools. Thanks to the worldwide web and e-mail, the world is within reach 24 hours a day. On the other hand, this development is the result of the limitation of mobility due to traffic jams and overloading of public transport capacity; increasing travel costs and burden on the environment (CO2) and increasing housing costs. The efficient use of our mobility and housing requirements leads to new forms of cooperation and requires more flexibility;

the work environment
These changes require a different working environment. You don't have to move into a new building for that. And what the ideal working environment looks like is different for every organization. For example, one can opt for a work environment that is based on activities and invites people to meet. Working from home can also be integrated in the work concept for a company;

flexible working environment
In a flexible working environment, information is independent of time and place. People can work anywhere, anytime. This makes it possible to offer them a working environment based on activities: concentrated work in a quiet room, consultations in a meeting room, or brainstorming in an inspiring room or from home. In this way every activity is optimally facilitated.

When a working environment is created to meet, new ways of working together arise. Employees can immediately shape this collaboration in the appropriate spaces. From a small office in a living room style to, for example, an auditorium for large groups.

working together as a key to growth
The amount of information within organizations is increasing. Nobody can contain this on his own. And no file cabinet is big enough. By being able to share data and expertise digitally quickly and easily, the knowledge in your organization is growing. This way the overwhelming information flows can work to your advantage.

greener and more efficient
With a working environment that fits in with the new way of working, you can also do more sustainable business. Because collaboration and communication are digital as much as possible, they use much less paper. And if people have to travel less, CO2 emissions are also much lower.
Moreover, the new way of working results in cost savings. Less office space is needed because employees work more often at home or on the road. This saves considerably in rental and energy costs. And because employees no longer have a fixed workplace, at most a locker, internal removals are no longer a major expense