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General Archicomm The Pen: beyond the crisis ... January 2017
bNi price Hans Maréchal - jury chairman - interior architect bNi June 2017
Inside information The environment on the move February 2014
the Architect yearbook 2013 M + R interior architecture January 2013
book 'Global Style' several projects December 2011
book PORTRAIT + LANDSCAPE September 2010
the Architect interior Ready for the world April 2011
Eindhoven Business 10 years of interior architecture October 2011
Internal "A design just has to be good" December 2010
Internal Why white? April 2010
Building knowledge The new way of working November 2010

Philips Stadium, Eindhoven

The architect ARC17 Interior: Philips Stadion Promenade - M + R interior architecture September 2017
MCB International, Valkenswaard The architect ARC17: MCB HQ presentation space - M + R interior architecture August 2017
PI - project & interior Reception in steel August 2017
Architect web Lighting for presentation room MCB August 2017
HERE technologies, Eindhoven Deutsche Architektur Verlag Inside modern workspaces - Head quarter HERE Eindhoven March, 2017
The architect ARC17: HERE Technologies Eindhoven - M + R interior architecture August 2017
ILGE Amsterdam The architect ARC17: HERE Technologies Eindhoven - M + R interior architecture July 2017
Frame web ILGE: finding the meaning of bookshelves in a digital world October 2017
Shapes Experience Center AECCafé SHAPES Experience Center in Utrecht, Netherlands by M + R interior architecture September 2016
Architect web Shapes Experience Center March 2016
Office et Culture Shapes Experience Center par M + R October 2016
The Keyboard, Kaatsheuvel PI, project & interior Unity and harmony February 2016
Chassé Theater, Breda Damn magazine Chassé theater in Breda by M + R Architects January 2016
Lensvelt We want products that provoke inspiration 2016
Architecture NL Theater red 2016
Architect web M + R makes Chassé Theater a 24-hour building November 2016
BDO Breda Deutscher Architektur Verlag Inside modern workspaces - BDO Accountancy Breda March 2017
Moscow Airport Lounge Architect web M + R designs airport lounges in Moscow May 2017
Eindhovens Dagblad Eindhoven lounges for Moscow airport May 2017
Care hotel Udens Duyn PI - project & interior Hotel as a healing environment March 2014
Entrance Udens Duyn, Uden March 2014
Rituals Cosmetic Views Rituals, Amsterdam may 2013
Take a Charcoal Rituals by M + R April 2013
The architect Rituals Cosmetic Enterprise January 2013
Feed beak The beautiful new office of cosmetics company Rituals April 2013
Architect web Rituals Cosmetic Enterprise Amsterdam March 2013
Office et Culture Rituals cosmetics poster sa marque may 2013
Mazars Breda Inside Information Transparent and accessible June 2013
CTAC 's Hertogenbosch Office Snapshots Inside CTAC's Flexible And Colorful Head Offices March 2013
Retail design blog CTAC headquarters by M + R Interior Architecture April 2013
Arq Bacana Brasil M + R interior architecture January 2013
BDO + CTAC 's Hertogenbosch PI - project & interior Unity and diversity may 2013
Region Business BDO & Ctac: More than just neighbors August 2012
Dirkzwager Arnhem Mr. magazine for lawyers Sharing knowledge with coffee 2013
Office et Culture Parage des connaissances January 2013
WTC Leeuwarden Esset Horeca Leeuwarden Loft December 2011
Deventer Theater PI - project & interior A stage for the city January 2011
Venuez Cultural hospitality February 2011
Theater de Leest Venuez Theater de Leest February 2011
Living Breda Breda The Language of Office Design 2 Living Breda Breda May 2012
Desque Glocal 10 Pasado Industrial may 2013
GNI, A new future Design in Philips factory February 2013
Global Style Desque Office December 2011
DRU Factory GNI, A new future More attention to interior February 2013
Light: Design, Technology & Architecture www.sdu.nl Chapter 12 - DRU Factory (Ulft) July 2012
Global Style DRU Factory December 2011
Re-use in the Netherlands (NAi) DRU Culture Factory 2011
The Architect interior DRU Factory Ulft February 2010
More than stones - 22 years Bouwfonds Cultuurfonds Culture cluster DRU 2010
Venuez Culture factory DRU January 2010
PI - project & interior Culture under the roof June 2009
Central Brabant Library Tilburg Global Style Library in Brabant December 2011
The Architect online Delivery: Refurbishment library center Tilburg July 2009
Brabants Dagblad The Tilburg Center library is ready for the future May 2009
Double Tree Hotel Amsterdam (f. Mint Hotel) Frame Nightfever 3 Mint Hotel By M + R interior architects April 2012
Light XL Leading role for light in a large Amsterdam hotel April 2012
PI - project & interior View of city and water July 2011
Venuez Designer special August 2009
Venuez Pre-opening City Inn hotel November 2008
PI - project & interior Largest hotel in Amsterdam May 2008
FLOS Architectural Architecture NL Flos Amsterdam showroom and office May 2009
Lensvelt LOG3 Flos Amsterdam
Privium ClubLounge Global Style Privium Club Lounge December 2011
book 'Clubhouses' Creating the Privium Experience 2011
Moroso world's travel guide Schiphol Privium ClubLounge 2011
Archidea Schiphol Privium ClubLounge March 2010
Elaborate Commercial Space Schiphol Privium ClubLounge January 2010
Avion Luxery Schiphol Privium ClubLounge December 2009
Harmonies Lounge Décourative September 2009
Lourens Tailor-made Serene dynamics July 2009
Inside Lighting Exclusive light in exclusive lounge April 2009
Privium Update Find your way in the Privium ClubLounge April 2009
Architectenweb magazine Privileges for frequent flyers March 2009
Venuez Privium ClubLounge February 2009
Inside Information Oasis for frequent flyers February 2009
Internal GNI Schiphol Privium ClubLounge February 2009
Interior Experiencing waiting as slowing down January 2009
Elsevier Faster, more luxurious January 2009
PI - project & interior Stunning stay January 2009
the Architect online Completion - fururistic lounge for schiphol December 2009
NRC Handelsblad 'Airport lounge' as a modern enclave December 2008
Redkarpet.com Eye opener December 2008
Worldarchitecturenews.com Exclusivity incarnate at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's new previum lounge November 2008
Frame online Privium ClubLounge November 2008
Absolute Marbella A royal domain October 2008
Architectenweb magazine M + R designs a design lounge at Schiphol September 2008
Privium Update Privium ClubLounge - the brainchild of general manager Conny Lanza September 2008
Privium Update Unique disco lounge June 2008
Quote Air lounge June 2008
Miele Insperience Center Harmonies Miele Insperience Center February 2012
Rihan. CC Public Space Miele Insperience Center April 2010
Frame Power Shop Miele Insperience Center December 2009
Montis Moment Business cards February 2009
Own house and interior Inspiration for the home January 2009
Internal GNI Miele Insperience Center December 2008
Miele Magazine Metal, glass and water December 2008
Eindhovens Dagblad Testing products at producers December 2008
Allee Wonen (f. Aramis Wonen) The Language of Office Design Allee Living May 2012
Architecture in the Netherlands 08/09 Aramis office building November 2008
Aramis newspaper A building that lends itself to meeting June 2008
light The creation of Aramis Wonen Roosendaal March 2008
PI - project & interior A new dimension in openness January 2008