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The way that we work


The role of the interior architect 

M+R sees the role of interior architect as that of director, based on the wishes and requirements of the users and the findings resulting from the fine-tuning with these users, translated into innovative, feasible plans that fit the wishes and identity of our clients. In this role, M+R advises its clients in all facets of our profession: space, light, colour, materials, sustainability, innovation, quality, comfort, ambience and techniques. 


Focusing on the user

In order to produce the right experience and design, we start from an integral design approach in which the user is central. The interaction with users and the design research of our agency ensures an appropriate design of, for example, environment, process, interaction or communication. This interactive approach provides insight into the actual activities, wishes and the way in which these are experienced by all those involved. By experiences we mean the perceptions, feelings and interpretations of activities, spaces, social interaction and desired appearance (DNA).


The most important research questions we have are:

  • What happens now? What is the relationship between man, place and resources over time?
  • How is the housing experience now? What are the main influences on this experience?
  • How can this be improved? And why?
  • Where are the problems and opportunities? Where is the most 'gain of experience' to be gained? How can this be done?


M+R has developed resources for design research

Part of the design research is the active involvement of users in interactive work sessions and workshops. This is an interative process, using visual tools, reference images and games. The design research is a qualitative research to generate rich, visualized insights as input for the design process.


Objectives of the research phase

  • Giving direction to the plans for the new working environment by providing insight into the current and desired experiences of users, among others, with regard to the current housing. The experiences are related to the current housing and experiences and developments within the current organisation in general;
  • Active involvement of users and its employees (sounding board group) in order to increase involvement and offer the possibility to influence the realisation of the new environment.