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Largest Airport Business Lounge in Europe 

Client                Sheremetyevo VIP | Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow | January 2020

assignment:     Design of the Business Lounge Malevich Terminal C | International Flights

Surface:            3.250 sqm


Constructivism was an artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia beginning in 1915 by Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko. Abstract and sober, constructivist art aimed to reflect modern industrial society and urban space. The movement rejected decorative stylization in favor of the industrial assemblage of materials. Constructivists were in favor of art for practical and social purposes, and were associated with Soviet socialism and the Russian avant-garde. Constructivist architecture and art had a great effect on modern art movements of the 20th century, influencing major trends such as the Bauhaus and ‘De Stijl’ movements. It’s influence was widespread, with major effects upon architecture, sculpture, graphic design, industrial design, theatre, film, dance, fashion and, to some extent, music.


M+R has secured a solid place on the Sheremetyevo Airport shortlist for international design agencies. After the realization of the award winning Rublev business Lounge and the VIP lounge in 2018, our agency was asked to participate in the competitions for the extension of the C terminal. M+R was selected from a number of agencies to design two business lounges: Malevich and Chagall.

The Malevich business lounge is approximately 3.250 m2 in total, making it the largest business lounge in Europe and the third largest in the world. The lounge is located at the end of the departure pier, a round 3-storey high building. The lounge is equipped with bedrooms, among other things; workrooms; a fitness studio; two bars and a restaurant with a food line; meeting rooms; a play area for children, a small cinema; toilets; shower rooms and offers a total of more than 650 seats for travelers.

On the advice and design of M+R, the lounge is completely rounded with a bridge connection above the passenger pier. The lounge is visible from this pier through an imposing LED screen, which is already clearly visible at the beginning of the pier due to its size. The lounge's design is based on the geometric lines of the artist Malevich, with all sight lines giving direction to the aircraft's taxi platform. The direction design concept is reinforced by ceiling parts and special lighting: "floorplan as a painting". Around the lounge there is a breathtaking view of the platform on airside, where comfortable chairs and chaisse lounges are positioned. Due to the segmentation, the lounge has an intimate character and there are different zones for the passengers; for relaxing; food; drink; work, etc. Here all seats are placed on raised floors, the visitor is central: "on stage" with intimacy, overview and comfort. The wall finish with wooden accents and lighting enhance the interplay of lines in the lounge. Special walls have been realized in the restrooms with relief of geometric triangles in different designs.