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New office landscaping for MCB International

MCB has been supplying metal for 75 years. MCB is a metal wholesaler. The organization's people-oriented approach guarantees loyalty and trust in the collaboration. Characterized by a wide and deep range in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous. But above all, MCB offers its relations improvement, innovation, ambition and growth: "With an open and sharp view, we get to the core of the business of our partners," says MCB. That understanding creates connection. Only through this way of working of MCB is it possible to get the service, advice and products to be accurate down to the millimeter. MCB contributes to strengthening the sustainable competitive strength of the manufacturing industry.

M+R interior architecture designed a special customer space for the MCB head office and was completed in 2017. There is a central reception room with various seating areas and a bar. All interior parts are made of steel; Stainless steel or aluminum. The fixed acoustic partition wall between the reception area and the presentation areas is made of Corten steel. For the design of the walls, M+R was inspired by the beautiful sculptural objects of artist Richard Serra (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao). The walls are positioned in such a way that they give direction to the space and are kept separate from the architectural columns, creating beautiful views. The spaces are accessible by steel pivot doors placed in steel frames. Special molds have been made for the walls for the production of the Corten steel panels. The steel is provided with a wax layer so that the steel no longer "releases".

The presentation room is the reason for the further revitalization and renovation of the head office. With the design, M+R has laid the foundation for the corporate image of the building as an extension of the new house style. In cooperation with the employees and management of the company, M+R has developed and designed an innovative working environment. The entrance and the office wings will be converted into a sustainable innovative activity-related work environment in which metal and aluminum products are used in a unique way in the form of acoustic partitions, walls and presentations. New innovative office environments must offer much more space to host employees for team building; consultation and knowledge sharing. After all, concentrated work can also be done from the home workplace. The next step is the refurbishment of the entrance and the board wing with a sustainable, durable and timeless design based upon steel and aluminum products of MCB. The new transparent revolving doors in the entrance leads you over a special steel floor to the reception. The partition is made of perforated brass curtain and dark steel walls. The furniture is made of steel and wood.