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BDO | the Melkhal in Enschede | hybrid working clubhouse

For its new work location in the province of Overijssel, BDO Accountants & Advisors rented a beautiful space in the Old Milk Hall in Enschede. For this striking factory space, M+R developed a club-like office concept in close cooperation with BDO employees. The 'monumental' space with its lattice girders and wooden sections remains untouched by creating the working space where acoustic preconditions apply by means of a special box-in-box construction made of sustainable wood and board material.

This creates a landscape of closed and open spaces, such that there is a variation of workplaces, depending on the desire for concentrated or team working. The entrance to the workspace is designed as a clubhouse, an eating and working café with kitchen; bar; seating and leisure facilities. M+R also developed a special look and feel for this location, in which the theme of past, present and future are shaped in designed rugs; photo walls; way-finding, each space is having its own theme: textile upholstery Bombazijn; steam engine Agneta; the dairy Ormet and the future lab with technology and artificial intelligence theme.

Because M+R has drawn for both the architecture, the furnishings, the colours and materials as well as the way finding and thematic decoration, it becomes one total concept - a unique appearance for this office space especially for BDO.

The project will be completed and occupied before the end of this year, here is a sneak preview.

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