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Philips Stadion Promenade

Client: Philips Stadium | Eindhoven, September 2017

Assignment: renovation; revitalize and refurbish the Philips Stadium promenade


Sunday January 15, 1911, the Philips team plays its first match on Frederiklaan at the exact same location where the Philips Stadium is now located. The main grandstand of the current stadium was thoroughly renovated at the end of the 1980s. The plan included an expansion of the main stand with more seats, a more extensive program in a larger building with a new entrance, a meeting center, founder and business lounges and a Public Promenade on the 2nd floor.

As part of the 'Hospitable Philips Stadium' program, M+R interior architecture has developed a master plan for the public spaces of the stadium. The master plan is a guideline for facilities facilities and public catering in the stadium, in which all the communicative aspects from communication up to and including architecture and experience are highlighted. Together with Philips Lighting (founder) and Scherpontwerp (graphic design), M+R has developed a total plan for the Promenade and ring 5th floor of the main stadium Philips Stadium.


The renovations on the south side of the Philips Stadium are part of a series of renovations in the stadium. The renewed promenade has an international, warm and atmospheric PSV appearance. The length of the Promenade is approximately 120 meters and is directly accessible from the public area on the Frederiklaan. The design concept for this elongated space consists of 3 sub-concepts, each with a PSV hero as its theme: the past: Coen Dillen; the present: Guus Meeuwis and the future: Memphis Depay.


The grandstand side of the Promenade has a dark appearance with specially designed printed wallpaper with texts and images (Scherp design). Club successes are also highlighted here. The entire wall has been flattened and frames of the recessed doors etc. have been included in this so that a sleek wall is realized. The frames in the doors are fitted with a metal setting. The doors give access to the toilet rooms. M+R has done this completely in red: the floor, the walls and the ceiling. LED lighting lines are included in the ceiling in the form of circles. When the door is opened, a beautiful color contrast is created. The white urinals also stand out sharply in this red space. The passageways to the stadium are equipped with illuminated ceiling elements with dynamic LED lighting. This LED lighting indicates when the competition starts and can also be used in the event of an emergency. Together with PSV, the plan was developed to create a look through to the football field. Even though the free height on this grandstand side is limited, these views provide a wonderful spatial effect and an absolute added value for the total experience. The spaces around these windows are arranged as meeting and living areas and equipped with black standing tables and stools. The internal staircase passage has been made visible with a glass fire-resistant casing and provides a view through to the 1st floor. The staircase is also a display window for the adjacent merchandise shop; window figures have been placed with the club uniforms. The ceiling in the stairwell is made of luminous textiles with dynamic LED lighting.

The existing concrete floor has been made visible again and provided with a special coating. The existing slat ceiling has been completely removed for more clear height and extra spatial effect. The architectural ceiling including the installations was painted anthracite. In addition, wood wool cement panels have been installed to improve room acoustics.


Each theme is provided with a large efficient bar fully equipped for a fast service, in particular for the peak load during the break. The bars are made visually visible through wooden slat ceilings with red and white LED circles. The architectural columns are equipped with a steel casing with integrated screens. Several screens are included at all the catering points. These digital screens are used for promotions, current events, the 'menu' card and sports fragments. The floor finish in the catering area is equipped with special wood vinyl. Behind the middle bar (Guus Meeuwis) is a large cooling room for the beer tanks. From here, most of the stadium is supplied with beer. The beer tanks are beautifully made visible and form an 'eye catcher' in the room. In addition to 10 outlets for drinks, the middle bar also has 5 outlets for food. Fixed benches and seats are provided at the bar in the Memphis Depay corner. The tables and chairs are executed in a light 'white wash' version. The latest developments in the field of light, image and sound are part of the total concept. The lighting can be controlled per light fixture. An addition of 'beacons' gives PSV the opportunity to monitor and manage crowd management. For example, by means of an app, visitors can be approached individually with specific information, such as where to order a drink, offers and (sports) news with the fastest time. With the new design of the Promenade, PSV again has a leading and future-proof public space of international allure.