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Existing complexes or buildings have acquired a place in our memory. The memory of certain events or experiences combined with the atmosphere and appearance of the environment or the building give it a value. It is this (added) value, combined with the physical possibilities, that determine whether or not a revitalization or re-use is successful.

Dealing with existing buildings is not essentially different from making new plans in an existing context. M + R strives for the vision to come to a design that naturally fits in with its surroundings or in the building. To this end, it is important to understand the existing structures and building typologies of the site. By recognizing the valuable elements of the existing building or environment, we are able to make interventions that relate to the existing as a matter of course. In such a way that there is an optimal symbiosis between the existing environment. The adaptations and adaptations within the building and / or environment meet the user aspects and are optimized with the aim of realizing a qualitative and sustainable environment