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Allee Wonen (f. Aramis)

Client: Allee Wonen (f. Aramis) - Roosendaal, November 2007

Assignment: complete interior architecture + workplace innovation for the new construction of Allee Wonen

Housing corporation Allee Wonen had an office building built that is innovative in many respects. The building is very transparent due to three completely glass exterior facades and the virtually absence of interior walls, both from the inside and the outside (architect Herman Hertzberger). M+R has designed an interior that optimally uses this open environment. Moreover, it is carefully tailored to the innovative workplace concept that is applied in the office, with a very high percentage of flexible workplaces. The main color in the building is white, color accents come, among other things, from large color photographs of Aramis clients in characteristic situations. A multicolored carpet has also been used at the workplaces. The lighting is partly tailored to the appearance that the glass building offers in the evening. A striking detail is the white 'table landscape' for visitors. Up-to-date techniques have been applied in the field of sustainability and climate control.