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Working in a green environment

Client: BDO Accountants | Amstelveen, November 2019

Assignment: Revitalize and redesign the existing office building

After an architect selection for the new BDO Eindhoven office building in 2005, M+R has now been able to design 15 building locations for BDO. The BDO locations in Roosendaal and Amstelveen are planned for 2019. In close collaboration with the users (sounding board groups), the desired accommodation was designed during workshops.

For the BDO location in Amstelveen, BDO leases approx. 4,500 m2 in the business complex 'Commerce Parc Amstelveen', being the ground floor and 4 floors. To improve the internal communication and transparency of the building, M+R has designed a void with open stair connections that will be placed on the glass front of the building. The created open space is provided with lots of greenery (trees), so that it not only contributes to the openness but also to improving the atmosphere in the building. The ground floor will have a public function with a food and beverage café, a restaurant with 'front cooking' and a coffee bar.

There will be seating areas that offer room for consultation, work, brainstorming and there are meeting rooms, the entire space is flexible in its use and suitable for giving presentations, receptions etc.

The BDO reception is moved to the atrium so that there is more room for meeting; receive and collaborate on the ground floor. On the first floor there will be a meeting center and a meeting area that is easily accessible via the new inviting staircase.

The work floors are furnished with the M+R work concept specially developed for BDO; a meandering landscape with work areas; collaborative spaces; silence rooms, meeting areas, etc. A proven concept that has already been successfully rolled out and copied in several places. Sustainability is always central at M+R, sustainable (biobased and C2C) products are also applied for this project and parts are reused.

For BDO, M+R has developed a new look & feel color and materials concept for the coming years based on the corporate identity of BDO International.

After making an inventory of the parts that are suitable for a new future, M+R has made the design.