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CTAC Powerhouse

Client: CTAC - 's Hertogenbosch, June 2012

Assignment: developing and designing an innovative working environment in the new office building Pettelaarpark

CTAC Powerhouse is a specialist in IT and business consultancy. The company is active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The employees travel a lot or carry out projects at various clients. The head office in 's Hertogenbosch therefore functions mainly as a place where people can meet colleagues. M + R has designed an innovative working environment for the new office building on the A2, tailored to this need for meeting, consultation and flexible working. A grand café, a dining / working café, meeting and team rooms form the main part of the interior. The other spaces are intended for workplaces. When designing this, the residence times and needs of the employees served as a starting point, such as the need for interaction or, on the contrary, concentrated work. In total, four floors of approximately 750 square meters were laid out.