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Office mapping from world to desk

Client: HERE Technologies | Eindhoven, June 2016

Assignment: Revitalization, sustainability and redesign of the Kennedy Tower with an innovative working environment for HERE Technologies in Eindhoven.

HERE is a company that is co-owned by three German car manufacturers: Audi, BMW and Daimler. HERE is a versatile company in providing map data, technologies and services to the automotive industry, consumer market and business. HERE's technology is based on a 'cloud model', in which the location data and services are stored on remote servers for users to access, regardless of which device they use.

In April 2016, HERE moved to the new location in the center of Eindhoven; the Kennedy tower.

M+R interior architecture designed this new innovative working environment. HERE moved from the 5th to the 13th floor of the 22-storey building in total. Each floor has been given a different layout due to the dominant steel column structure in the building that differs per floor. A total of 350 employees work at HERE in Eindhoven.

The design of the M+R has a thematic design and color concept on each floor based on the core task of HERE: navigation. The further interior concept is based on this core task: 'office mapping from world to desk'.