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Koopmans Construction & Development | Breeam very good

Client: Koopmans Construction & Development | Enschede, May 2013

Assignment: office revitalization, sustainability and innovative working environments in an existing office building

The Apeldoorn and Enschede branches will be housed together in the renovated office. To achieve this, a flexible working environment was chosen; an open structure with flexible workplaces these are divided into three domains over three floors. Thanks to the flexible working environment, optimum use is made of the available square meters and the entire program could be realized, so Koopmans saves considerably on accommodation costs.

The existing office building with traditional office cell layout and a central corridor area has undergone a total metamorphosis. The office is completely stripped on the inside; to achieve a pleasant working environment, the lighting, acoustics and climate must be optimally implemented; for example, new acoustic ceilings have been installed; there is a sustainable lighting plan with daylight control and the cooling and heating are regulated by means of ceiling induction units. A special carpet tile was chosen as floor covering; this has a good property for recording 'particulate matter' and dampens the contact noise.

The workplaces are equipped with an electrical height adjustment and privacy screens, the screens are mounted on monitor brackets. Each floor is equipped with a living room, locker cabinets, concentration and consultation rooms and collaboration areas. To visually 'break' the space, where the aisle used to be, sculptural furniture units are now provided in the form of a 'skyline' (as a reference to the construction company). of samples and materials for the construction projects. The consultation rooms are provided with an acoustic 'shell' - whereby the necessary profiles of the glass walls are invisibly incorporated into the architectural floor and system ceiling. The consultation areas are accentuated with suspended luminaires, suspended fluorescent luminaires with 'up and down lighting' are installed above the work places. For the other areas where less light is required, the light level has been deliberately kept low (maximum 250 lux) so that there is a balanced energy-friendly lighting plan.

The renovation of the office was an excellent reason to make the building more sustainable and to obtain the BREEAM certificate very good (3 stars) after completion. The entrance has also been addressed, the reception desk has been renewed and has a raised floor for reception staff, there are reception and consultation seats and a teleconferencing room.

The plan for the eating / working café will be implemented later, the investment is planned for the coming years.