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Realized Phase 2 | MCB International, Valkenswaard

MCB has been supplying metal for more than 75 years. MCB is a metal wholesaler. The organization's people-oriented approach guarantees loyalty and trust in the collaboration. Characterized by a wide and deep range in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous. But above all, MCB offers its relations improvement, innovation, ambition and growth: "With an open and sharp view, we get to the core of the business of our partners," says MCB. That understanding creates connection. Only through this way of working of MCB is it possible to get the service, advice and products to be accurate down to the millimeter. MCB contributes to strengthening the sustainable competitive strength of the manufacturing industry.

For MCB's head office, M+R interior architecture designed a special customer area on the 1st floor of the HQ, which was completed in mid-2017.

This presentation room is the motive for the further revitalization and renewal of the head office. With the design, M+R has laid the foundation for the corporate image of the building as an extension of the new house style. In collaboration with the company's employees and management, M+R has developed and designed an innovative working environment. The entrance and the office wings have been converted into a sustainable innovative activity-related working environment in which metal and aluminum products are used in a unique way in the form of acoustic partitions, walls and presentations.

New innovative office environments must be very inviting with the experience we have gained with the COVID pandemic, offer much more space to meet; share knowledge and above all be inspiring. After all, concentrated work can also be done from the home workplace. We have placed foils in the large open working environment that function as meeting rooms, each foil has been given a special finish with a composition of the various materials that MCB supplies to metal processing companies such as: Stainless steel; Flat carbon steel; Aluminium; long profiles etc. The products are applied in a special way and incorporated into the wall finish. Steel perforated curtains serve as separations of the workplaces. The office wing has been completely redone, a new glass facade; new green roof with insulation; sustainable climate system and lighting.

The final step is the redesign of the entrance and management wing with a sustainable and timeless design based on steel and aluminum products from MCB. The new transparent revolving door in the entrance leads you over a special steel floor to the reception. The partition walls are also fitted with perforated steel curtains and dark steel walls. The furniture is made of steel and wood. The large meeting room has also been placed in the room as a separate unit. Due to the use of glass partitions and a well thought-out layout, the entrance looks very inviting, open and spacious.