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Dirkzwager lawyers & notaries

Client: Dirkzwager lawyers & notaries - Arnhem, November 2012

Assignment : interior architecture new office extension

Opposite the office on Velperweg in Arnhem, a second office has been realized for Dirkzwager lawyers & notaries, the place where the Bordelaise hotel used to be. The interior concept is based on 'knowledge sharing'. Because it is important for Dirkzwager that there is a connection between the two offices, the library is deliberately located in the new building. The design of the new office is clear, transparent with clear lines. Due to the correct detailing, the office exudes care. The color orange from the corporate identity of Dirkzwager has been adopted, in combination with white and teak wood to match the architecture of the building. The openness has been created by making extensive use of glass, such as glass walls and sliding doors. The partitions also serve as cupboard space. There are flex and meeting places in the building, meeting rooms and places where digital information can be requested. On the ground floor there is a combined library and reception and coffee bar, the visitor retires to an ear-chair with a book or takes a seat at the large reading table. The entire design of the building is aimed at allowing the concept of 'sharing knowledge' to be experienced in a pleasant way for both employees and visitors.