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Municipality of Eindhoven Town hall square

Client: Municipality of Eindhoven Stadhuisplein | Eindhoven, December 2014

Assignment: Making sustainable, Revitalizing and completely redesigning office building | innovative working environment

For the municipality of Eindhoven, the concept includes an organization of workspaces based on activities such as: concentrated work in a quiet room, consultations in a meeting room, brainstorming in an inspiring space and working from home. The flexible layout of the workplaces has resulted in a more efficient use of the m2. The total number of m2 in both buildings is 22,000 m2 gross floor area.

An inspiring working environment has been realized for the more than 1,500 FTEs of the municipality of Eindhoven, where; ergonomics, acoustics, lighting and climate as well as a balanced balance in workplace types and the DNA of the municipality were the most important starting points for the design. In Co-creation sessions with the users, the ideal working environment was designed, for this M+R made use of the in-house developed workplace game. In close collaboration with sustainability consultant 'The Natural Step', a socially responsible, qualitative and sustainable design has been realized, whereby a careful selection has been made from materials that fit within this philosophy. The floor covering (carpet tiles), the interior walls, the fixed custom work (pantries) and a large part of the loose inventory have been reused and fitted into the design.

CONNECT: the main traffic areas are the aorta of the building and the organization, these rooms receive the DNA of the Municipality of Eindhoven through a cartoon. The most important themes of the municipality of Eindhoven are visualized here, as these work cross-pollinating all activities together within the municipality make the municipality:

Working together on a surprisingly attractive, promising and creative knowledge city where everyone participates and feels at home. Eindhoven: large and close. Through viewing and openings / openings we have made the floors more transparent → interaction.

DOMAINS: each floor is equipped at the central positions with meeting places in the form of living rooms; In addition to the hot drinks facilities, personal lockers for the employees are located here and there is a digital bulletin board with news items (narrow casting). Every living room has a 'Eindhoven' theme:

Population; Living; Employment opportunities; Education; Culture, recreation and sport; Health; Environment; Traffic; Quality of life and safety; Politics and Region.

WORKPLACES: based on the schedule of requirements, we have positioned the workplaces within the floor plans of the buildings on Nachtegaallaan and Stadhuisplein, the needs have been designed and translated based on the degree of interaction and concentration. Various workplace forms have been created for this; number of FTEs is> 1,500, the conversion factor 67% (flexible working) = around 1,000 workplaces. Of which 65% open workplaces and CAD workplaces, the other workplace types are: compartment workplaces, concentration of workplaces, collaborative workplaces (lounge workplaces), landing places and other informal consultations suitable for an innovative working environment.