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Client: BOD'OR - Amsterdam (Oostzaan), July 2011

Assignment: conceptual design presentation space for Bod'or door program


With contemporary perfection and traditional craftsmanship, Bod'or produces doors and door solutions for the higher market segment ranging from opulent to sleek with a wealth of panels, profiles, glass and hinges and locks. In Amsterdam - Oostzaan, Bod'or has moved into a presentation space where the entire range of doors and door solutions are shown to the public in a special way. M+R designed a special presentation method for the doors by placing them on raised round discs. Specially manufactured steel frames take care of the construction of the door presentation and the lighting thereof. A box-in-box construction has been realized within the industrial space. The interior space serves as a presentation / meeting room, the frame is the basis for various door presentations. The industrial character is emphasized by the polished concrete floor and the lighting system. Materialization of the objects consists of sustainable materials such as ecologically OSB board material, recycled wooden flooring, recycled rubber and untreated steel.