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Theater De Leest

Client: Theater De Leest | Waalwijk, September 2010

Assignment: Renovation and refurbishment of entrance, foyer and theater.

In 1996 the doors of theater De Leest opened for visitors for the first time. Now 14 years later, the theater has undergone a thorough metamorphosis. The entrance has a large revolving door so that the draft lock could be added to the foyer room. The box office and retail space and wardrobe have been converted into a brasserie with a large open bar. The theater café now has a combined function and is also used as a box office. The entire foyer has a new plastic floor and the 'fuchsia' color scheme has been adjusted in the colors black, white and gold, this color scheme has also been implemented in the theater hall. The reading form has served as the basic concept for the design of the bars, in terms of main shape and appearance and have a leather finish. The forms are accentuated with indirect lighting. The cloakroom facility is realized in the small hall as a box in a box concept with a flexible use as an unguarded and guarded wardrobe.