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M+R interior architecture



M+R interior architecture

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Norman Vincent Peale

M+R interior architecture



The way we do our work has changed a lot in recent years. The world is at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. With the arrival of WiFi, laptops, tablets and smartphones, we are no longer tied to a fixed workplace. We use flexible workplaces and work with the same ease at home or on location, anywhere in the world. At a time when it suits us. The fact that we can avoid traffic jams and overcrowded trains, reduce our travel costs and emit less CO2 is a bonus.




Cost savings and sustainability can be a direct reason to work independently of place and time, as well as intended strategic goals. In all cases, need, support and vision are important requirements when implementing an innovative work concept. At M+R interior architecture, we therefore not only design interiors, but we also think about how we can support the organization in the growth process. We contribute to the acceptance of an innovative working environment by taking on a communicative role and deploying our experience, knowledge and creativity.



We know better than anyone how an innovative interior design contributes to a strong and healthy corporate culture and thus to the success of the organization. A pleasant working environment in which everything is right inspires people to get the best out of themselves and stimulates their development. Work process, well-being and productivity are optimally facilitated. The right use of space promotes interaction and knowledge sharing and ensures that employees feel more connected to the organization.



The identity, also known as the DNA of the organization, is reflected in our interior concept, in which we naturally take the individual into account. Letting go of your own workplace or room requires a different interpretation of the identity aspect. It is important that employees feel connected to the company, especially if you are going to facilitate working elsewhere (at home). Seducing employees with an attractive, inspiring work environment or meeting place is essential. 



There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' accommodation concept for M+R interior architecture. After all, every situation is unique and requires customization. Company culture, work processes and ambition play an important role within the physical working environment. People are central to our designs, because an innovative working environment only functions if it is workable for everyone within the organization. Before we start with a design, we therefore always start with a work process analysis. We map out the ways of working, the needs of the various users and the organization through workshops, interviews and visits to reference projects. Through co-creation sessions, among other things, we design together with the users, which ensures broad support throughout the entire organization.



We believe that an office environment should be comfortable and inspiring. Experience, atmosphere and functionality must be right. Innovative working environments offer both employees and visitors the right balance between open and transparent and between closed and secure. The right mix of dynamic and quiet zones improves both communication and productivity.



High employee satisfaction is our top priority, closely followed by sustainability. We want to be distinctive, with the ultimate goal of an iconic project that lasts a long time and does not get boring quickly. Of course, we use raw materials on our site and CO2 emissions and waste are generated during construction. The challenge is to create sustainable interiors. We do this by recycling and upcycling products as much as possible and by using high-quality, sustainable materials. All this creates a comfortable and inviting work environment that optimally supports employees in their well-being and personal development.

M+R interior architecture
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