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Designing libraries

The library is the engine for research. In this information age, the library offers public resources that provide access to reliable knowledge. And, as an extension of its vast databases, it is also an all-in-one place for learning, consuming, sharing, creating, inspiring and experiencing. It also remains the quiet refuge in a busy world and becomes a place for involvement. The library provides access to the physical and online collection, neutral and reliable information, modern technology and mentorship. It offers spatial diversity with room for individual study and dynamic collaboration, as well as room for experimenting and developing acquired knowledge. Unlike in the past, adapting to the order in the library, today's library adapts to the changing needs of the user.

Because of this flexibility, a well-designed library offers a staging area for knowledge.


Be inspired by M+R's completed projects.


Interieur bibliotheek

Social value central
Digital first
Thinking in networks

An attractive and inspiring place of knowledge


Interieur bibliotheek



Interieur bibliotheek



Interieur bibliotheek


Library of Now

Interieur bibliotheek

Shrinking on the Lek

Municipal house

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