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Interieur rijksmonument


M+R interior architecture

vision on restoration, reuse and revitalization

Striking complexes or buildings acquire a place in our memory through certain memories or experiences, combined with the atmosphere and appearance of the environment. Holding on to this feeling, combined with the physical possibilities of a building, determines whether or not a revitalization or conversion will succeed. A design for existing buildings is not essentially different from making new plans in an existing context. M+R interior architecture always tries to understand the existing structures and building typologies of the place, also with our knowledge of building history. By recognizing and acknowledging valuable elements of the building and its surroundings, we are able to make interventions that fit naturally within the existing environment. When implementing the adjustments and adjustments, we keep a close eye on the wishes and requirements of the client, in such a way that an optimal symbiosis -and thus a high-quality and sustainable environment- is created.

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