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Anyone who looks at the facade of the new building on Gasstraat sees a building with the allure of a multinational. The building served as the head office of Organon, later MSD in Oss, but due to reorganizations the building became vacant. Brabant Wonen and Brabant Zorg have concluded a rental agreement with the building owner and MSD, with settlement of the current rental contract with MSD, under very favorable conditions.

Innovative office concept






Brabant Wonen | Brabant Zorg


Anyone who enters the building will soon see that the building has been converted into an innovative office environment for the Brabant Wonen and Brabant Zorg organization. The design was realized based on the ideas and ambitions of both organizations. Sustainability plays an important role in this, as does a certain degree of frugality. It is not without reason that a lot of material from the existing building was reused; such as the interior walls, ceilings as well as loose inventory.
Colleagues from Brabant Wonen and Brabant Zorg have thoroughly studied the building together with M+R interior architecture. The DNA of both organizations must be palpable. During co-creation sessions we looked for the best solutions. What are the possibilities? How can we best furnish and adapt the building? And what is needed to successfully bring two organizations together and optimize synergy?

Concentration and interaction
An office is no longer necessary solely as a workplace. To meet each other. Sharing knowledge and meeting each other is made possible down to the last detail in the new building. Everything is aimed at optimally facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. The building has therefore been transformed from a traditional 'cell office' into an innovative open and flexible environment. The degree of concentration and interaction required for your work at that moment determines where in the building you work. The deeper you go into the building, the quieter it will be. And the 'diner café' with outdoor terrace is located on the 3rd floor. There you can discuss, work, meet customers and of course have a bite to eat.


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