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In 2010 we realized the box office of the Chassé theater. The box office is also located on the forecourt and is completely white. The back wall of the box office originally featured a beautiful photo of a woman lying on a mountain of coal. This image was the inspiration for Herman Hertzberger for the shape of the undulating roof structure with the stage tower. The furniture in the box office is organically shaped. A chandelier with red and black paint drops hangs above the large reading table. In the foyer, the large cloakroom has been moved to the entrance, creating more space and better flow of the public.

Concept development and interior design of 'the box office' in the Chassé Theater in Breda






Chassé Theater


After the design assignment for the Brasserie in the monumental part of the Chassé Theater, which was completed in June 2003, M+R was contracted as the design agency responsible for the public areas of the theater. The extension of the Foyer at the front of the theater was completed in 2005; FRONT. Between 2011 and 2012, the current foyer was revitalized, the cloakroom was moved to the entrance of the theater where the box office was housed, so that the foyer space could be expanded at this location. Because many reservations are made via the internet, the box office could become smaller. the new box office is housed at the front of the theater as a retail space; an impressive glass facade, a large reading table with computer setup for online reservations and two desks for employees are the main component of the space. The space is designed in line with FRONT in white sculptural objects. The ceiling with LED lighting and the back wall is black. Only the painted chandelier has an extra color accent of red.


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