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Part of the architectural icon the Chassé theater by architect Herman Hertzberger is located in the monumental Kloosterkazerne. The Kloosterkazerne dating from 1504 has been in use as a Holland Casino since 2003. As an interior architect, M+R interior architecture was part of the design team for the repurposing of the monument. During the design process we were asked by the theater to create a design for the brasserie. The old theater café had to make way for the new entrance and parking garage of the theater and casino.

Concept development and interior design of various public spaces






Chassé Theatre


Chassé theater Breda from 2003 to the present....

The brasserie; We have developed a concept for the brasserie with a large centrally located iconic red bar above which a series of design fixtures move slowly. The monumental space is equipped with barracks parquet and the old wrought iron columns from the monument have been given a place. The bar and toilet group have been placed as a built-in package in the monumental space, making the original building structure very easy to read. The lamps and interactive photos provide a theatrical effect, so the space is constantly changing.

After the realization of the brasserie, we supervise the entire interior of the theater. To expand the capacity of the foyer, we have developed a catering concept at the front of the theater, a sleek white space with an elongated glass bar: FRONT. The adage for this space is to see and be seen, the space is designed as a continuation of the square at the front, as a reference to the street theater. Behind the bar is a mirror wall that gives the space an infinite character and also breaks up the elongated space, the bottles on the glass shelves provide a colorful kaleidoscope. The toilets are transparent, 3 toilets are placed as a separate block in a space completely surrounded by glass. FRONT was completed in 2005 and is the first toilet room with a toilet for transgender people. The toilet room has large round windows that give you the feeling of 'urining in the wild', but with sufficient privacy.

In 2010 we realized the box office of the Chassé theater. The box office is also located on the forecourt and is completely white. The back wall of the box office originally featured a beautiful photo of a woman lying on a mountain of coal. This image was the inspiration for Herman Hertzberger for the shape of the undulating roof structure with the stage tower. The furniture in the box office is organically shaped. A chandelier with red and black paint drops hangs above the large reading table. In the foyer, the large cloakroom was moved to the entrance, creating more space and a better flow of the public.

As part of the concept of making the theater accessible and also opening it up outside the programming, M+R has developed a flexible workspace and catering concept. The flexible workspace CHASSE CONNECT is located above FRONT and is a pallet of red colored furniture and upholstery as a reference to the theater. The space contains various workplaces and design icons that flex workers can use.
A large relief wall with theater and film posters completes the picture.
The GERECHT catering formula is located in the foyer, directly at the entrance, where you can enjoy lunch during the day and theater visitors can order a simple meal here in the evening before the program. The back wall is a completely blank steel cabinet with a x-rayed transparent back wall. This LED lighting can change color. Above the foyer, the cinema bar has been given a new design, the bar and rear bar have been designed as a monolith element.

Now that the public space has been completed, the toilets will be completely redesigned.
The new design of the toilets is part of making the theater more sustainable, water and energy consumption. Each toilet room will have new sanitary facilities and seamless floors and walls. Each toilet room is equipped with a special eye-catcher wall with buttons on which a text is formed using a special lamp with a colored electrical cable. The sinks have large mirror walls in which the soap dispensers and towel machines are integrated. Visiting the toilet also becomes an experience.

The basement of the theater contains, among other things, the changing rooms, showers, toilets and the artists' café. Following the public spaces, the basement will be tackled in 2020. For the changing rooms, M+R has designed a luxurious 'gold' changing room and a standard 'red' changing room concept. The changing rooms and the artist café will receive the same sustainability and the special eye-catcher wall. Each room with its own expression of the theme. The artist café is equipped with a special section of curtain rails with which the space can be divided so that it can be used flexibly for large or small groups and activities.


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