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Richemont is the owner of prestigious Maisons, recognized for their high quality in jewelry, watches, fashion and accessories and distinguished by their craftsmanship and creativity.

Since 2000, Richemont has been housed in three monumental canal houses in Amsterdam. In close collaboration with Richemont, M+R has developed an innovative working environment for these buildings. In addition to the monumental 18th-century interior, mainly in Louis XIV style, the building has an office building that was completed in the middle of the last century (1953).

Restoration, renovation and redesign of three monumental canal houses








The office building has a total of 7 floors, the top floor has been converted into a dining/working café with a beautiful view of the city of Amsterdam. The interior is based on natural warm beige colors, the furniture is made of sustainable wood, brass and marble. The interior is in line with Richemont's vision; quality; careful detailing and craftsmanship. The chosen Kvadrat upholstery and carpets fit in beautifully with this.

M+R had a historical color study carried out for the project, which served as a starting point for the restoration of monumental canal houses and the carefully chosen composition of materials and color palette. The walls with the monumental wooden paneling are equipped with particularly durable linen wall coverings. The entire interior radiates peace and comfort and is timeless, designed to last for years, the best choice according to M+R's vision for sustainable projects. On each floor there is a living room with various seating areas and consultation areas, a fully equipped pantry and bar for meeting and collaborating. The innovative working environment is equipped with height-adjustable sit-stand desks, quiet areas and consultation areas. A lot of attention has been paid to the climate and acoustics of the workplaces. Here too, the color scheme is neutral with some brass accents, such as the suspended fixtures above the workstations. Specially designed cupboards with plants and 'room dividers' provide a soothing, inspiring and comfortable working environment. Even the signage and iconography was designed especially for Richemont by M+R •


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